Eagle Projects at Camp

Eagle Project-Alec aka Plug

Because my mom has volunteered for years, I have been coming to Technology Goddesses Day Camp for as long as I can remember. I started as just a boy in the Firefox unit with Platypus as my counselor. Platypus is Wombat’s daughter. She is super fun and always is a leader in the Firefox Unit. After a couple of years as just a camper, I moved into leadership roles like an aide in training and I also became a “Code Bat” and helped younger campers learn to code. Because Technology Goddesses has filled my summers with great memories and great new skills, I wanted to give back to this camp. I chose to do my Eagle Project to benefit Technology Goddesses, I created a storage cabinet and charging station for the camp’s sphero robots.

Eagle Project-Ian aka Chrome

For my Eagle Project, I created a playground and obstacle course for the Sphero robots at Technology Goddesses day camp. I first found out about Sphero robots from Technology Goddesses. I have been going to camp for years with my mom, sister, and brother. I know the camp director, Cora Carmody aka Wombat very well, so when I was trying to find an Eagle Project, I asked her if she needed anything. She offered the suggestion of doing something for the camp’s Spheros, and my project came from that. I originally was going to create a flat wooden area for the Spheros to move on, but when we actually came to camp, we realized that canvas tarps would be better as the robots would not slip. I created several different ramp and maze pieces that the campers could reconfigure and move around on the tarps.