Silver Award Project- Elise aka Click and Zoe aka Zip

Elise and I have known each other since kindergarten. We had been attending Technology Camp for several summers. We wanted to do a technology based project together and do activities with younger kids. We came up with a project to integrate technology into the outdoors and everyday life. We put together a program weekend with the guidance and encouragement of Cora, aka Wombat. We created PowerPoints, and researched all kinds of apps that kids can use in the outdoors. We taught them about apps that helped track steps and health, we showed them how to do geocaching and we updated the Day Camp Travel Bug Binder. To make sure our program weekend worked like we thought it should, we did a run through with our own troop, and we also did a couple of workshops with Cub Scouts. We taught girls and boys about apps like MapMyRun, taught them geocaching, and created presentations for Technology Goddesses to use during the day camp. We also cataloged and tracked all of the camps travel bugs, updating the travel bug binder in a digital format. It was a great way for us to combine our love of technology while giving back to an organization (Technology Goddesses) that has shaped who we are today.